Right, well I went to see Brave today and im less than impressed, so i need a rant.

First off, Merida is the new Disney Princess, so I went in with a Disney Princess frame of mind, as you do.

Now Merida is a good all round character. She’s independent, fierce (wont Tyra be proud), brave (nooo, you dont say!), a fighter and speaks her mind. Brilliant, something that should be shown in Disney films, although this kind theme in princess is getting old. As the independent lass she is, she doesn’t want or need a prince (Mulan, Pocahontas, anyone?), so decides to compete for her own hand in marriage. Fair enough, but dear old mother intervenes (Tangled) so they argue, blah blah blah, Merida meets a witch who turns Meridas mother into a bear, not what she was expecting and the film continues so she can turn her mother back.

SO, this is a Disney Princess film, right? Theyre all based on fairy tales, right? Now tell me what fairy tale this is from.

Wheres the awesome yet cheesy soundtrack? Only two, but good, songs in the whole film, not even sung by the characters.

Why is it set in medieval scotland? Throughout the D.P films, times and settings have been loosely kept to. Beauty and the Beast- France, hints in the first song and ‘Be our Guest’. Mulan and Pocahontas are obvious, yet slightly blurred. Bar the Princess and the Frog, which I’m not the biggest fan of because of the heavy period setting.

Now I know Disney are trying to reinvent the princesses with all the redesigns and new round of princesses, but why cant they keep some routine/ old ways to it? You go into a DP film knowing to expect a cliche princess, cheesy songs, a (animal) sidekick, happiness throughout, a sad bit or two and a happy ending. 

Why does this have too change?! If I didnt know she was a DP and saw the film, I wouldnt think she was a DP. Its a good film yes, but not for the Disney Princess franchise.

I’m in love with her hair though.